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Dr A. O. Azeez


Mr. Adesanwo

Vice President West

Dr. Mashi

Vice President North

Dr. H. T. K. Ishola

General Secretary

Dr. Abimbola

Asst. General Secretary

A. A. Yusuff

Public Relations Officer

Dr. Oyekanmi Helen



Financial Secretary

Dr. I. O. Oyeneye

Editor In Chief

Dr. P. A. Ojebode

Ex Officio Member, (1)

Mr. S. A. Okediji

Ex Officio Member, (2)

Dr. M. A. Folohunso


Theme and Sub Themes

  • Islamic Economic System and Self Reliance /
  • Islamic Economic System and Self Reliance /
  • Arabic Education and Self Reliance /
  • Holy Pilgrimage and Travel Agency /
  • The Place of Religious Education in Nigeria Politics /
  • Mosque Management and Economic Empowerment /
  • Effects of the Electronic Social Media on the teaching and learning of Christian Religious Studies /
  • Effects of the Electronic Social Media on the teaching and learning of Islamic Studies /
  • The Use of (ICT) Information Communication Technology in the teaching and learning of Christian Religious Studies /
  • The Use of (ICT) Information Communication Technology in the teaching and learning of Islamic Studies /
  • The Curriculum of Christian Religious Studies and Self Reliance /
  • The Curriculum of Islamic Studies and Self Reliance /
  • African Traditional Religion and the National Education Policy /
  • African Traditional Religion and Job Marketability /
  • Effects of the National Policy on Education on the teaching and learning of Christian Religious Studies /
  • Effects of the National Policy on Education on the teaching and learning of Islamic Studies /
  • Religion, Spiritual Healing and Self Reliance /
  • Payment of tithe and Self Reliance /
  • Islamic Banking and Finance and Self Reliance /
  • Islam, Entrepreneurship and Self Reliance /
  • Church Teachings on Self Reliance /
  • Zakat Administration and Self Reliance /
  • Creative Arts in Arabic and Self Reliance /
  • Christian Religious Studies Education and Job Marketability /
  • Islamic Studies Education and Job Marketability /
  • Capacity Building on Christian Religious Studies Education /
  • Sub Theme 3Capacity Building on Islamic Studies Education /
  • Sub Theme 2Christian Studies and Self Reliance /
  • Sub Theme 1Islamic Studies and Self Reliance /



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