More: Harvey has dropped 49 inches of rain in Houston. 30, 2017. The dogs arriving in Seattle were already in Texas shelters when Harvey hit and are being transferred to Seattle area shelters so animals displaced from the flooding can be cared for in Texas until they can be reunited with their families there.

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Fingerlings Monkey Now, when you play an Enabled game, you can get achievements for them, tracks friends, etc. Just like you can on an Xbox. However, not all Windows Phone games are Enabled only one that go through an extra certification process. Executive director Val Richman says that Mentor Me Petaluma, which has expanded into 13 elementary, middle and high schools, provides numerous benefits “first and foremost” to the kids while enriching lives of the mentors. Mentors cook, play sports and collaborate on art projects and school plays, and Richman says there’s always a need for more mentors, since the program has 75 to 80 kids on the waiting list at any given time. “We have kids who have parents who have died or are terminally ill Fingerlings Monkey.